3 comments on “Bicycle commuting in midtown

  1. My juandiced response is only knowledgeable cyclists will read this i.e. you’re preaching to the choir, Canon. Good stuff though. I have ridden my bike twice since my accident. Yesterday to Patriot Bicycles to work, which is all of a mile and a half. The ribs are healing. I have a plan to ride a century by the end of the month but will check with Ultra Marathon Cycling Association first to see if they will let me double up centuries October, November, and December. Read my blog for an explanation of my accident. When are your days off? I would like to ride with you and the Red Baron.

    • Hey Dennis… yeah, preaching to the choir, for sure. I am always off on Monday, and usually ride on Thursday morning, as I usually don’t go into work until noon.

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