4 comments on “Canon in Wonderland

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  2. What a great trip! Summerland was my first backpack, when I was fairly small. So glad you got to explore the Mountain.

  3. I’m hoping to do the Wonderland Trail next September, and have been reading trip reports in an attempt to get an idea of how many miles per day I should plan on. I see that you have hiked in the Sierras. How does the ups and downs of the Wonderland Trail compare to the JMT? I was doing 15 to 20 mile days on the JMT this summer, and was hoping to do 100 mile days on the Wonderland. Is that reasonable? Is the Wonderland more difficult than the JMT?


    • The gradients on the Wonderland are definitely steeper than one finds in the Sierra. Most mainline Sierra trails (including the JMT) are built to stock standards, so they rarely exceed a 7% or so grade. Stock use is not permitted in Rainier NP (except on the PCT), so the gradients are much steeper. For instance, the trail up to Ipsut Pass from the Carbon River, is exceedingly steep in spots, so makes for slow going sometimes. I if you are used to 15-20 in the Sierra, probably 10 is doable on Rainier. But the grades are definitely steeper, and you have them every day.

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